My Grainline Hemlock Tee

I’ve been bit by the #handmadewardrobe bug. And boy was I ever delighted to find so many indie pattern makers, bloggers, sewists and online communities to get me up to speed on this movement! So after my deep dive into all these resources I ended up with a free downloadable (!!!) pattern from Grainline Studio called the Hemlock Tee.

Printing the pattern, which is just so awesome compared to a trip to Joanne’s Fabrics, was a little tricky as my printer at the office would not print a full bleed, and my printer at home (an HP Envy) was inconsistent about the 100% thing unless I printed the pages one at a time. I finally got it and taped it all together on my kitchen island which was really fun.

Hemlock Tee Pattern
Hemlock pattern assembled

DSC00584Next came the cutting out of the pattern and pinning it to my fabric. This is an inexpensive cotton I chose as my muslin. I then traced the pattern onto the fabric with chalk and cut.

The sewing was pretty straight forward and quick. The neckline however was a challenge. Since I used a woven fabric for the tee and not a knit as the pattern was written for, my neckline piece was too small. I had gotten the inspiration for this project over at The Craft Sessions Simple Sewing 101 post, so I followed Felicia’s advice and cut a piece of my fabric on the bias and did a double folded bias and attached it with under stitching. I was really winging it here. I studied the Grainline tutorial on this, and Felicia’s words from her post until my head hurt. Anyway, here is the final result! I shortened the length and did sort of an elbow length sleeve. It’s a bit boxy and voluminous looking on me but the fit was actually good. I can see liking this in a more crinkly fabric like a double gauze, so if I make it again that is what I will choose. I don’t know what I am supposed to do about the unfinished edges inside the garment. I guess before hemming I should have zig zag stitched them, but there was no mention in the instructions, so I did not bother this time.

My Woven Hemlock Tee

This was an incredibly satisfying project that has confirmed my passion for the #handmadewardrobe movement, and definitely got my confidence up. I’m already onto my next project, and busy obsessing about fabric choices for my “real” non-muslin attempts at sewing clothing.

Deploy a Website

I like computer programming for some reason though at this stage in life I cannot see how learning these skills will put me in my home office raking in the bucks and leaving the (cranky) boss behind. For a student-age person I can think of few better fields to pursue right now. Even so I have found I have started another online course, this one called “Deploy a Website.” I already know a lot about web design, but this course teaches you to make complete websites from nothing, in four hours. In the first 20 minute segment I unraveled my confusion about the <div> attribute. So I will continue with the other three segments and then maybe unlock the bonus segments for $19.99. Not a bad deal. This one is from Code Academy. The have other online courses teaching Make a Website, Make an Interactive Website, Learn Rails, Ruby on Rails Authentication, Learn AngularJS, Learn the Command Line, etc. Ok those last few are a little out of my realm. There are so many resources out there nowadays for people who want to teach themselves programming. I like the Programming for Everybody course from Charles Severance on Coursera, and I also like Free Code Camp.

I could see making websites for clients that are custom coded, and then charging a maintenance fee to keep them up. Or maintaining my own website that was somehow earning money, that had a look and feel more custom than an out-of-the-box Wix or WordPress site.