Deploy a Website

I like computer programming for some reason though at this stage in life I cannot see how learning these skills will put me in my home office raking in the bucks and leaving the (cranky) boss behind. For a student-age person I can think of few better fields to pursue right now. Even so I have found I have started another online course, this one called “Deploy a Website.” I already know a lot about web design, but this course teaches you to make complete websites from nothing, in four hours. In the first 20 minute segment I unraveled my confusion about the <div> attribute. So I will continue with the other three segments and then maybe unlock the bonus segments for $19.99. Not a bad deal. This one is from Code Academy. The have other online courses teaching Make a Website, Make an Interactive Website, Learn Rails, Ruby on Rails Authentication, Learn AngularJS, Learn the Command Line, etc. Ok those last few are a little out of my realm. There are so many resources out there nowadays for people who want to teach themselves programming. I like the Programming for Everybody course from Charles Severance on Coursera, and I also like Free Code Camp.

I could see making websites for clients that are custom coded, and then charging a maintenance fee to keep them up. Or maintaining my own website that was somehow earning money, that had a look and feel more custom than an out-of-the-box Wix or WordPress site.

Striving to be Knowledgeable

I took one of those online tests to determine what job I should be doing for a living after a tedious Monday at the office. I got “Striving to be Knowledgeable.” It was actually pretty accurate:

“Incisive and curious you are driven to deeply understand how things work … any situation that allows you to work independently with freedom to investigate and innovate will fuel your drive.”

So what do I do? I print out that crazy blouse sewing pattern I’ve been eyeballing and tape the 25  8 1/2 x 11 pages together to be a regular sized pattern. I’m gonna make it! I’m fueled. Maybe I can turn this into a new career.

Curious what you might get? Take the quiz, it’s from Oprah so it has to be good.

Self Assessment Quiz from Oprah